Dayna supports the Medicare For All initiative.

Dayna believes in public education and does not support vouchers

Dayna has always said, “The quickest path to success is to help someone else be successful” – that includes free job training and trade programs in high schools and community colleges.

Human Rights
Equal protection for everyone regardless of sex, race, gender identity, or religion and the continution of a woman’s right to choice.

Dayna supports the DREAMERs and DACA and supports we need a comprehensive immigration plan that does not include a wall.

We need renewed focus on STEM education and global warming (climate change) with real scientists in charge of these initiatives.

NASA Johnson Space Center needs to continue to be a leading training and research facility for public and private space endeavors.

Every person and every company should pay taxes based on income and the system should be simplified for individual tax payers to be able to file with one postcard.


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