Buckle up that backseat seat belt!

Spent a quick weekend in New York City for Son 3.0’s 18th birthday along with Son 2.0 who is there finishing up a summer internship. Each time we jumped into the back of a cab, I thought about this CBSN report from late last week:

“The laws of physics are not suspended in the back seat.”

With the increase in rider services such as Lyft and Uber, more injuries and deaths are expected as many continue to not buckle up in the back seat. There are regulations and then there are protections. Wearing a seat belt in the front seat is a law and a protection. Not texting and driving is a law in many places and a protection. Do we need a law and a protection for backseat riders?

Until a decision is made, be smart. No matter how short the drive, buckle up in ANY seat in a vehicle. Don’t believe me? Watch the video again…

Be safe out there my friend!