Dayna’s priorities are HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, JOBS. Healthy, educated people work, create opportunities, and contribute to the economy. And, when people do that, the economy grows and infrastructure improves all across the country. Life becomes better for all Americans when you start with healthcare for all.

For America to be competitive again, we need people to be healthy and productive …

  • Medicare for All needs to be on the table, and our first priority must be not to move backwards on healthcare.
  • Preventative care and pre-existing conditions must be covered at rates families can actually afford.
  • Losing my Mom to Alzheimer’s, I learned that quality, affordable long-term care is something we owe the generation that raised us.
  • The opioid crisis is ravaging our district — we must bring all necessary resources to bear on the people and communities affected.

To succeed, people need the proper tools and training …

  • Give kids and adult learners what they need to succeed, including free Internet access and laptops.
  • Support and improve our public schools and make community college and career training free.
  • Emphasis on STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math — skills needed to fill jobs right now.

The quickest path to success is to help someone else be successful …

  • No one who works full time should live in poverty. We need a $15-an-hour minimum wage.
  • Create tax incentives for companies that pay for retraining and reeducation for people to stay current or reenter the workforce.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial partnerships with leading companies to create job opportunities and investment in companies, products, and services.

GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION: All of us, regardless of party, must find the courage to fight for sensible gun reform to counteract the escalating gun violence in our schools, our homes, and elsewhere. This is not gun control, this is gun violence prevention. We need a stronger background check system for all gun sales, once again allow CDC research on gun violence, ban bump stocks and more – read more of Dayna’s position here.

WOMEN’S RIGHTS: Dayna is a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood and women’s rights including the right to choice, equal pay, protection from sexual harassment, and equal opportunity.

IMMIGRATION: Breaking up families and deporting immigrants who have become part of our communities is not the way to go. We need a comprehensive immigration plan moving forward that allows for a path to citizenship. Pass a clean DREAM Act and build no wall.

VETERANS: The USA has spent the last almost 30 years in wars we have no business being in and the current administration is heading towards more – that is where our debt comes from. And in turn, we are creating veterans faster than we can serve them. We need to take care of the veterans we have, develop a better exit strategy for future veterans, and stop going to war.

EQUALITY: There must be equal protection and rights for all Americans regardless of race, gender, who they love, or the religion they worship. Dayna is a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community having served on several community advisory boards in the past.

ENVIRONMENT: The Washington Post referred to the Texas Gulf Coast as a “toxic gumbo” after Hurricane Harvey. The current administration is removing protections almost daily. The EPA is barely funded or staffed. Area residents will be affected by all of this for several lifetimes. Southeast Texas needs a representative who is concerned about this instead of profiting from the deregulation.


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