Indivisible TX 36 Candidate Question – Solving Poverty

The weekly question from Indivisible TX 36 and my video response:

So many issues and problems in this country are shown to be related to poverty. Many politicians discuss the creation of jobs as a means of lifting people out of poverty. However, just the creation of jobs does not end poverty for any family. Access to child care, expenses, transportation, and many other things stand in the way of people getting a job or obtaining a higher paying job.

For example, a lot of people don’t have access to appropriate clothes for an interview, money for gas or bus fare, means of regular transportation, child care, and many other things that make specific jobs out of reach for them. Some people might not be able to pass a background check for something as simple as being unable to pay a traffic fine, resulting in additional fines or even a warrant. Another person might be able to take a class or training, but where would they find the time to do so, and how? Even free training requires people to take off the jobs they already have.

Therefore, instead of using a talking point that more jobs need to be created or that you support the creation of more jobs, outline specifically how you plan to help people become more employable?