Everything ties back to healthcare, education, and jobs for we the people to succeed. These are the things we have also promised our veterans and failed to deliver over and over again. As your representative, the following would be my mission:


For America to be competitive again, it starts with healthy people to be productive and at our best …

  • Single payer healthcare needs to be on the table; it is not perfect but we need to start with a plan that is simple, not tied to special interests, and can work for all
  • Whatever we decide, preventative care and pre-existing conditions must be covered at rates families can actually afford
  • Losing my Mom to Alzheimer’s, I learned quality and affordable Long Term Care is something we owe the generation that raised us


To succeed, you need the proper tools and training …

  • Give kids (and adults) what they need to succeed and that starts with free Internet access across the district for everyone
  • Every student in the district should be issued a device we need these days to succeed in anything
  • Emphasis on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – all skills that are needed to fill jobs right now


The quickest path to success is to help someone else be successful …

  • Develop and expand free job training programs in high schools and community colleges across the district for relevant jobs
  • Tax incentives for companies that pay for retraining and reeducation that allow people to stay current or reenter the workforce
  • Entrepreneur partnerships with leading companies to create job opportunities and investment in companies, products, and services created by we the people


We need to put people first and not special interest or profits…

  • Making sure everyone pays their fare share of taxes based on income
  • Simplify filing personal taxes to one postcard


We need to develop our local talent and retention them so that we can once again continue to innovative and lead the way forward…

  • A renewed focus on STEM education – Science Technology Engineering Math – from pre-school all the way through college
  • Reestablishing NASA as the world leader in science research and development
  • Continue our collaboration with other countries to find the cause and a solution for climate change.

Basic Human Rights

The American Constitution set forth that every American has the right to basic human rights…

  • Equal protection for everyone regardless of sex, race, gender identity, or religion.
  • Women retain the right to choice.
  • Freedom of religion


Immigrants everyday contribute to the growth of a strong, safe and prosperous CD36…

  • Comprehensive plan with a path to citizenship: 18-24 months to get registered, get a legal Social Security card, and start paying taxes.
  • Deportation for serious crimes such as murder, rape, drug trafficking, and child abuse. We must stop tearing families apart over minor things such as a speeding ticket.
  • No wall. We would be better served using advanced technology to protect all our borders.

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