How to reach the entire district

As I get deep into this campaign with the amazing Team Dayna, I learn everyday just how unresponsive the majority of Congress is to their constituents. I knew it was bad from personal experience with our own incumbent but learn daily that it is rampant in Washington. Most are working for Wall Street and special interests. We The People are not even an afterthought.

Thanks to Indivisible TX-36 for the hard work these citizens are doing every single day to save healthcare, education, and jobs in Texas CD36. It is a daunting task but they keep going every day. Each Monday morning, they post a question to the candidates AND the inbumbent – he doesn’t bother to even acknowledge their request. He does not care about the district, only the special interests who support him and his biggest donors. Period.

See the most recent question below and my response. Be sure to Like the Indivisible TX-36 Community page and follow along each week.

Constituents have been told that the reason Rep. Babin’s offices are not open more is due to limited funding. They currently have three offices with countless counties to cover. Many voters have attempted to visit various offices throughout the district, only to find them closed during office hours. How would you make you and your staffers more available than they are currently? Additionally, please outline your plans for Congressional breaks and how you plan to reach out to all of your constituents throughout the district to reassure everyone that their voices continue to be heard after you take office?