When There Is No More Gas For Your Car – Planning For The Future

China just announced a plan to do away with gasoline powered cars and make strides towards more innovative sources of power starting now. This shift towards exploring new energy technologies should be a wake-up call for Southeast Texas – before we become the coal miners of the future.

I knew my career as a female rock radio personality would be short lived, it was the nature of the beast. While I worked in the field, I saw many large corporations coming in and buying up stations and consolidating jobs. It was only a matter of time before one deejay would be broadcasting on stations across the country, replacing 20-30-40 deejays and their salaries. I knew to plan ahead.

That is what we need to do in Southeast Texas, home to ONE THIRD of all the oil and gas production in the country. It is our life blood; fueling our cities and economy with jobs, as the fossil fuel industry fills countless plants and office buildings within the region.

We need to start thinking about filling those plants and buildings with jobs of the future. And we need to do it now. If we continue to wait for the inevitable, others will have progressed ahead and the energy industry will have long moved from the Texas Gulf Coast.

Solar power, wind power, electric cars, and alternative fuels – what are we doing to grab our piece of the pie?

China is starting now. When will the USA? Texas? CD36? When will we?